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Digital Marketing

If you want potential customers to find you before they find your competitors, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Organic Search is a must. Given that 95% of web traffic is from the first page of Google search results, SEO is the way to get your site listed as high as possible on the first page without having to pay exorbitant advertising or bidding costs to Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, if your budget allows, then Pay Per Click (PPC) might be the right choice for you to get your site at the top or bottom of the first search results page (SEO)...Learn More

Statistics show that in 2017, 47% of all internet users have a Facebook account. Other social media giants such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have hundreds of millions of user around the globe. These networks present opportunities for you to promote your brand and further extending exposure to your site through Social Media Optimisation (SMO)...Learn More

Other options for exploiting internet technologies include Email Marketing campaigns, electronic greeting cards and even bulk SMS text messaging with access to 166 countries worldwide (Email Marketing)...Learn More

We'd be delighted to discuss any or all of the above with you to explore strategies that best fit your needs.